Invitation to the ACHEMA 2018 Exhibition

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to invite you to meet us at ACHEMA 2018 Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, June 11 – 15, 2018. The exhibition focuses on innovations in Process Instrumentation for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. You'll find our stand No. F20 in Hall 11.1. and be able to see our ultrasonic and induction flow meters certified for potentially explosive atmospheres. Our qualified staff will be pleased to assist you and answer all your questions. More details about the exhibition can be found in the link below. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

ACHEMA 2018 web-site:



IFAT 2018 The World´s Leading Trade Fair

Dear business partners,

We would like to invite you to meet us at IFAT 2018 exhibition, which is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management.

The exhibition will be held in Messe München on May 14 - 18 and you can find our stand in Hall C1, stand No. 108.

You will be able to see there a showcase of our product range including some of our most recent flowmeters. More details about the exhibition can be found below and we are looking forward to meeting you!

 Vladimír Čepelík
Managing Director and CEO

IFAT 2018 website:



Hannover Messe - Invitation

Dear business partners,

We would like to invite you to the annually held exhibition Hannover Messe taking place on April 24 – 28, 2017.

hm logo col

 The expo is being considered as a very substantial event in the field of industrial automation, where different fields meet at one place.

During the last occurrence 5200 exhibitors from 75 countries worldwide were present. The overall attendance was approximately 140 thousand exhibitors from Germany and another 50 thousand from abroad.

More information at the homepage of the event  or the updated Facebook presentation

ELIS PLZEN a.s. as a EU manufacturer of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters for all type of liquids and steam will be present. More at  

Find us at Hall 11, Stand B63.

We will gladly meet you in person!

Vojtech Novak
Executive director



ELIS PLZEN is a well-known European producer of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters with more than 25 years of experience in this field. The whole production process of flow meters ends up with calibration on our K39 metrological center, which is one of the largest metrological centers in the Czech Republic. It consists of 3 calibration lines, two of them are located in Pilsen and one in Moravia in Oslavany, near Brno.

elisnews092016 1elisnews092016 2

You can see one of the following services provided by ELIS PLZEN:

- Repairs, calibrations and metrological verifications of flowmeters and water meters for liquid  applications
- Repairs, calibrations and metrological verifications of calorimetric counters
- Measurement of flow in liquids using a clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter 

Test rig for flow meters – Manufacturing facility in Pilsen

Type MR-T-S 1540

Main parameters of the test equipment:

Rated inner diameter of flow meter: DN6 to DN40
Flow rate range: 0.006 to 12 m3/h
Fluid temperature range: 20°C to 70°C in tolerance according to CSN
Inputs for test evaluation: frequency and pulse input
Verification methods: volume and mass with flying or standing start
Uncertainty: 0.25%

Primary standards:

• Scale Mettler Toledo range 150 kg

Secondary standards:

• 3 pcs KROHNE electromagnetic flow meters DN2.5, DN10, DN25


elisnews092016 3

Test rig for flow meters – Manufacturing facility in Pilsen

Type EXPO 150

Main parameters of the test equipment:

Rated inner diameter of the flow meter: DN25 to DN150
Flow rate range: 0.15 to 150 m3/h
Fluid temperature range: 20°C to 70°C in tolerance according to CSN
Inputs for test evaluation: frequency, pulse and current (0/4 – 20 mA) input
Verification methods: volume and mass with flying or standing start
Uncertainty: 0.25%

Primary standards:

• Scale HELIOS range 4800 kg

• Scale HELIOS range 300 kg

Secondary standards:

• 3 pcs KROHNE electromagnetic flow meters DN10, DN25, DN100


elisnews092016 4

Test rig for flow meters – Manufacturing facility in Oslavany

Type GS 1500/32-800

 Main parameters of the test equipment:

 Rated inner diameter of flow meter: DN32 to DN900
Flow rate range: 0.005 to 1500 m3/h for metrological verification, technical options for calibration from 0.05 to 2200 m3/h
Fluid temperature range: 10 to 30°C
Inputs for test evaluation: frequency and pulse input
Verification methods: volume and mass with flying or standing start
Uncertainty: 0.2%

Primary standards:

• Scale Mettler Toledo, range 12 000 kg

• Scale Mettler Toledo, range 300 kg

Secondary standards:

• 4 pcs ELIS electromagnetic flow meters FLONET FN2015.1, DN6 to DN300


elisnews092016 5

The output of the calibration process is a “birth certificate” for each flowmeter – a calibration protocol, which is a part of each delivery. In order to know every detail about the specific flowmeter, you only need to know its serial number and all the details can then be found in the producer`s software archive.

With its K39 authorized metrological verification center K39, ELIS PLZEN is a fully self-sufficient and independent company. This fact guaranties not only the quality of the products, but also significant shortening of the delivery time of our products.

Thank you for your attention 


Magdalena ANDĚLOVÁ
Project Manager 





We have no sea, but we know how to measure salt water

Salt or sea water contains chemicals that cause different physical and chemical properties of this water than the fresh water has. They have an influence on the density, the different temperatures of the freezing and mainly on the corrosion of constructions which the sea water comes into the contact with. This phenomenon is called the salinity.

The average salinity of seawater is around 3.5%. This means that each kilogram of seawater contains approximately 35 g of dissolved salts. This makes the seawater very corrosive and seawater can´t  dissolve only the metal ions of different alloys quickly, but the sea water also has negatively effect on many other materials required to manufacture devices for measuring of flow of seawater.

Therefore, it is important to choose the suitable material of sensor lining mainly and material of electrodes of induction flow meters so that the durability and functionality could be the longest and measurement of sea water by induction flow meters the most economical.

Our company ELIS PLZEN a. s. manufactures and supplies the induction flow meters FLONET of different dimensions (DN20-DN800) suitable for these applications. Because of many years of experience with applications for seawater we’ve achieved high reliability and durability of induction flow meter for sea water measurement and our customers can significantly reduce operating costs and risks wherever they need to measure sea or salt water.

Recently we have delivered the flow meter FLONET FN2014.1 DN700 which was dispatched within 3 weeks after ordering to our Greek partner.

And next deliveries will follow for this demanding market segment soon.


DN800PN25Last summer we informed you about the successful certification of our products for the Russian market according to the set of standards GOST.

And this GOST is not just a ghost for us. The undisputed evidence is the recent 

Both flow meters were produced in our company ELIS PLZEN a. s. and also calibrated on our own test rig for metrological verification and calibration of flow meters and water meters GS1500/ of the ultrasonic flow meter SONOELIS SE4025 of dimension DN800 to our business partner in Russia and also the delivery of smaller one - DN500. The specialty of this delivery is that these flow meters are designed for pressure PN25!

There are planned similar deliveries of large dimension flow meters for extra pressure leading to Russia there soon. And we can do more! We are preparing the production of flow meters of large dimensions for pressure PN40.

GOST certificates are the ticket even to the most distant parts of Russia, where the customers can also rely on the delivery of our products according to their specific requirements and they can rely on the service of our flow meters there too.

If you are planning to realize deliveries of water or other technologies for your Russian business partners, we will be glad to inform you closer about the advantages of products certified according to the set of standards GOST and also about your benefits by their usage.

Metrological centre for flow and heat meter calibration and verification

Small test rigELIS PLZEN a. s. owns four Test Rigs to calibrate flow meters, two in-house calorimetric counter calibration platforms  and one in-house temperature sensor calibration platforms. Nowadays, we have one of the biggest calibration centres in the Czech Republic. Each flow meter is calibrated and verified.

Big test rig

Flow meters test rigs:

Small dimensions DN 15 to DN 40

  • Two test rigs for calibration and measurement of flow meters DN 15 to DN 40 (1/2" to 1 1")
  • Main standard – weight, second standards – 3 pcs of induction flow meters 
  • Measurement method – flying start, steady start
  • Flow rate 6 l/hour to 12 m3/hour


Large dimensions DN 25 to DN 150

  • Two test rigs for calibration and measurement of flow meters DN 25 to DN 100 or DN 150 (1" to 4" or 6")
  • Main standards – 2 pcs of weights, second standards – 3 pcs of induction flow meters 
  • Measurement method – flying start, steady start
  • Flow rate 0.15 m3/hour to 150 m3/hour

For more information click here...

International exhibition in Hannover - Interkama 2009

FLONET FF 10XXThe company ELIS PLZEŇ a.s. presented its products at the Interkama International Exhibition in Hannover, Germany on 20 - 24 April 2009. 

The visitors of the company stand were most interested in the new battery-powered ultrasonic water and flow meters of the type series FLOMIC FL5024 - FL5044 and FL5034 - FL5054 in compact version of IP68 design with optional GSM data transfer. The business contacts established with potential customers from new territories including the Far-East countries will results in further extension of the distribution network offering the company products.


Participation in the IFAT 2014 exhibition

Are you looking for the solution for your application in the field of flow and level measurement with the possibility of remote data transfer? It will be a pleasure to meet you and help you find the specific answer at the exhibition IFAT 2014. The exhibition takes place in Bavarian´s Munich, Germany from May 5 to May 9, 2014. You can visit us at the stand number 535 in the hall A5. Could we advise you how to save 200.000€ a year in the field of water consumption measurement? We are looking forward to meet you in May.

Booth A5.535

FLOMIC FL1034 ultrasonic flow meters, G 2 1/2"

FLOMIC FL1034The new ultrasonic flow meters of the type series FLOMIC FL1034, G 2 1/2" has been developed for the special purpose of fire hydrant control. Apart from the total water volume passed through the hydrant, the meter also measures instantaneous flow rate. 

The underground hydrants fed from a water supply piping have the dimension of DN80 where a special hydrant adaptor in combination with a bayonet coupling element is used as water outlet. In most cases, the bayonet coupling elements have internal thread of 2 1/2". 

FLOMIC FL1034From this reason the FLOMIC FL1034 meters for fire hydrant control purposes are supplied with tread connection pieces. 

The flow meter is easy to carry and handle; measurements can be taken in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Invitation for Interkama Exhibition in Germany

Exhibition InterkamaELIS PLZEN a. s. is going to participate in the Interkama Hannover Messe 2010, which will take place from April 19th to April 23rd, 2010 in Hannover, Germany. 

You are welcome to visit our stand B 19, Hall 7. 

We are looking forward to your visit. 

You can see our product range of induction flow meters, ultrasonic water, flow and level meters.

International exhibition EXPO ANEAS in Mexico

Exhibition EXPO ANEASDuring the last EXPO ANEAS from November 2nd to 6th 2009, in Leon, Mexico, ELIS PLZEN a. s. in cooperation with ELIS MEDICION S.A. de C.V. presented its products. The visitors expressed great interest in our ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC, above all, the FL102X and the new generation of FL50X4. Nevertheless, the electromagnetic FLONET FN20XX.1 was accepted as a really good flow meter for its high quality and capability for various applications. ELIS has made his big appearance in the Mexican market, proving that its quality products have no frontiers and that they are making presence all over the world.

Battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters of the FLOMIC series supplied to a Mexican customer

Delivery in Mexico before dispatchingMexico is a large country where in many places the drinking water needs to be extracted from underground springs. One of these projects is in Puebla City where 185 underground springs supply water in the aggregate daily volume of 328,320m3. The water is pumped to water reservoirs from the springs, and it is distributed to different districts of the city. Some of districts lie at higher altitudes. The water consumption of individual sources (wells) needs to be measured and the daily consumption data sent via wireless network to the main distribution control centre of the water-supply company. In some locations, in particular, far and high-up locations, there is no electricity available. Since the water meters used cannot be powered from electrical sources, the selection is limited to mechanical or battery-powered electronic flow meters. This was an opportunity for ELIS PLZEN a. s. and their FLOMIC FL1024 ultrasonic water meters and the FLOMIC FL3005 flow meters. Considering the fact that the measurements were to be performed on piping of nominal diameter up to DN 800, the application of mechanical flow meters was excluded and the battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters proved to be the best solution.

FLONET FN20XX.1 induction flow meter for hydro-mining activities in Týčanský karst

The company ELIS PLZEN a. s. supplied with sponsoring support to "Speleoklub" at Týčany a FLONET FN2024.1 DN80 induction flow meter in a compact version provided with soft-rubber lining. Speleoklub Týčany does exploration and research of the Týčanský karst district where they remove cave silt using the local river water to gain access to new caves and elucidate their origin and formation. The exploration team use FLONET flow meter to measure the volume of the displaced water containing silt, small stones and deposited minerals. In three days of this hydro-mining activity, the volume of the solid substances of mainly limestone nature is up to eight cubic meters.

Connection of flowmeter in cave  Preparation of pump  Wokring inside the cave

Did you ground the electromagnetic flow meters? Save money!

Electromagnetic flow meters are sensitive to electrical noise which is present in most of the piping systems. The fluid carries significant electric charge of static electricity in plastic piping systems. This is the reason why the electromagnetic flow meters must be grounded. The grounding rings or the grounding electrode are used for this purpose.

The grounding of the flow meter has to be made of the same material as measuring electrodes because of the same chemical resistance. The high-priced material (tantalum, platinum) is used for grounding of flow meter installed in piping system with aggressive fluids (acid e.g.).

The grounding rings are usually used for small flow meters up to DN25 because there is no possibility to place the grounding electrode into the area of sensor. Both technical solutions can be used for bigger dimensions of flow meters up to DN1200 but grounding rings require more consumption of expensive material. For this reason, it is preferable to use the grounding electrode, which has the same size in all dimensions. The smart solution can save you money.

Want to have a flow meter in your own company color?

No problem for ELIS PLZEN a. s.!

Standard FLONETThis is how the induction flow meter FLONET FN2014.1 looked in the past, manufactured by ELIS PLZEN a. s.

Sensor in gray and a vivid orange of evaluating electronic unit, those are the characteristic colors of our company. ELIS PLZEN a. s. flow meters are highly significant in every show.

 Turkish FLONET

Turkish FLONETSeveral important customers of the company ELIS PLZEN a. s. expressed their interest in the supply of flow meters in their own colors. Why not! There is no problem to fulfill the wishes of many year´s Turkish customer, who is supplying the Asian market by electromagnetic flow meters in his gray company color.


 Mexican FLONET

Mexican FLONETThis was not a problem neither for our Mexican customer; we delivered the sensors in green color.


The FLONET FN20XX.1 large dimension electromagnetic flow meter for water treatment plant

FLONET FN20XX.1 DN700Today it is possible to measure flows by using electromagnetic flow meter’s technology in piping systems. The monitoring of flow is notoriously necessary in large diameter pipes too. There is the possibility to monitor flows by using this kind of flow meters in pipes up to 1200mm in diameter. Electromagnetic flow meters provide excellent long term accuracy and stability and they can be used to measure almost all electrically conducting liquids. Pressure, density, temperature and viscosity have no influence on this type of flow meter. In this occasion, our customer uses it for water measurement in a metropolitan area in South Africa. The specifications of this flow meter were: 700 mm diameter, hard rubber lining, pressure 10 bar and accuracy of ±0.2%

Investment of ELIS PLZEN a. s. in Research & Development

In 2008, ELIS PLZEN a. s. purchased an old factory building in the Czech Republic, in the region of South Moravia. This region represents the production beginning of induction flowmeters in the Czech Republic. The old factory building was completely reconstructed in July 2010. The high tech machines and equipments were purchased at the same time and a new production process has started in junction with innovation changes. In addition, there was built an unique test rig inside the reconstructed building. The test rig GS1500/32 to 800 (DN32 to DN800, 0.05 to 1500 m3/h) will be used for R&D activities of the company. As a result, ELIS PLZEN a. s. has reached an amazing goal. The tradition and know–how of producing induction flowmeters are joined up with dynamism and development of 21st century.

Before After

Pulse output function of the FLOMIC FL50X4

How does the pulse output of the FLOMIC FL50X4 water and flow meter work? It is a really good question because the pulse output of ultrasonic water and flow meters provides the information about liquid volume and therefore it’s an important function of battery-powered ultrasonic water and flow meters FLOMIC FL50X4. These meters have two passive pulse outputs which evaluate volume flow through in positive and negative directions of flow. Passive output needs an external power supply because the outputs are not powered up by the water and flow meter. Every output needs own independent power supply. Output pulses have a rectangular shape and their width is 30ms. If we use 5V power supply then the pulses will have 5V value for positive flow direction but 0V for negative flow direction.

For more information please check the manual of the FLOMIC FL50X4, page 18


The SONOELIS SE4095 ultrasonic flow meter

Delivery of SONOELIS SE4095The company ELIS PLZEN a. s. is one of the few international companies which are able to produce the sophisticated ultrasonic flow meters. These flow meters are specially designed to measure fuel oil among other not common liquids. Last year, the best proof of it was that ELIS PLZEN a. s. delivered fifty pieces of network-powered ultrasonic flow meters, type "SONOELIS SE4095" of small sizes 3/4" to Asia for fuel measurement in diesel engines.

Modern technology combined with nature and beauty

This is The Broadgate Tower in London. This skyscraper was built from 2005 to 2009 and currently it is the fourth highest building in the City of London. The great success of ELIS PLZEN a. s. was to deliver ultrasonic battery powered flow meters FLOMIC FL3085 dimensions DN300 and DN400 which were installed in primary cooling water systems. These flow meters also check the water supply for 23 trees planted inside and outside the Gallery, which add a relax atmosphere to this modern public place.

The Broadgate Tower in London

New design of Web pages

New design of Web pagesThe year 2010 left us definitely and we are facing new challenges in 2011. We are proud to present our new design of the company web page in this year. If you visit our new site then you can find a lot of innovation changes as well arranged categories, new sitemap, smart searching, new photo gallery etc. The new web page is frequently updated therefore, there is the possibility to find information about the newest products easily, e.g. about battery powered ultrasonic water meter and flow meter FLOMIC FL50X4 at this time. And last but not least, our distributors will find a new section belonging to them in our site soon. You can visit our web page 

Doing things quicker and with high quality

Welding equipmentOne of the effective ways of doing businesses is saving money in economic upswing and investing in times of global or local financial crisis.

We have chosen this way too. We also invested in the innovation of welding process in last 2 years. Therefore, our professional employees have the chance to reach higher quality products within shorter time of production. 

The company’s equipment was extended with welding Kemppi Pro Evolution series and Kemppi MasterTig MLS 3000, a welding device for welding studs, adjustable rotary positioner and finally a high-performance exhaust system Nederman. Our innovative work environment can also affect you through our products and you can share with us the way of saving in economic upswings.

ELIS PLZEN induction flowmeters

Induction flowmeters FLONET FN20XX.1 The induction flowmeters can be used in most branches of industry for the measurement of liquids even with solids content like pulps, pastes and other fluids that have a minimum of electric conductivity. 

The best electronic gives you the best result - reliable and repeatable even under difficult process conditions, while quality manufacturing guarantee years of trouble-free use. 

At ELIS PLZEN a. s. , all induction flowmeters are wet-calibrated by weighing instruments in our own test-rig.

The ELIS PLZEN a. s. induction flowmeters offer the following particular advantages: 

  • Large range of dimensions (DN6 to DN1200 mm)
  • Different lining materials available – rubber for common liquids, special rubber for potable water and Teflon for food, nature stone for excessive corrosive slurries
  • High accuracy – up to ± 0.2 % of actual valueHigh repeatability – up to ± 0.15  of measured value
  • Minimum conductivity of liquids 5 µS/cmMeasurement independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity
  • Free sensor cross section and short inlet and outlet straight piping sections – no additional pressure lossesEmpty pipe detection
  • Digital signal processingHigh-speed signal conversion system (RS485, Hart)
  • Available for AC and DC voltage operatingFor remote version is possible to use cable up to 100 meters


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