Battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters of the FLOMIC series supplied to a Mexican customer

Delivery in Mexico before dispatchingMexico is a large country where in many places the drinking water needs to be extracted from underground springs. One of these projects is in Puebla City where 185 underground springs supply water in the aggregate daily volume of 328,320m3. The water is pumped to water reservoirs from the springs, and it is distributed to different districts of the city. Some of districts lie at higher altitudes. The water consumption of individual sources (wells) needs to be measured and the daily consumption data sent via wireless network to the main distribution control centre of the water-supply company. In some locations, in particular, far and high-up locations, there is no electricity available. Since the water meters used cannot be powered from electrical sources, the selection is limited to mechanical or battery-powered electronic flow meters. This was an opportunity for ELIS PLZEN a. s. and their FLOMIC FL1024 ultrasonic water meters and the FLOMIC FL3005 flow meters. Considering the fact that the measurements were to be performed on piping of nominal diameter up to DN 800, the application of mechanical flow meters was excluded and the battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters proved to be the best solution.