FLONET FN20XX.1 induction flow meter for hydro-mining activities in Týčanský karst

The company ELIS PLZEN a. s. supplied with sponsoring support to "Speleoklub" at Týčany a FLONET FN2024.1 DN80 induction flow meter in a compact version provided with soft-rubber lining. Speleoklub Týčany does exploration and research of the Týčanský karst district where they remove cave silt using the local river water to gain access to new caves and elucidate their origin and formation. The exploration team use FLONET flow meter to measure the volume of the displaced water containing silt, small stones and deposited minerals. In three days of this hydro-mining activity, the volume of the solid substances of mainly limestone nature is up to eight cubic meters.

Connection of flowmeter in cave  Preparation of pump  Wokring inside the cave