Looking back at 2012

Year 2012 for ELIS PLZEN definitely wasn’t only passive expectation of the world’s end. On the contrary, ELIS PLZEN celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the company and the beginning of a new year as a stable and growing company which again increased annual sales compared to 2011.

With ELIS PLZEN electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters are familiar clients and customers almost in all parts of the world. Currently ELIS PLZEN has delivered its new generation battery powered ultrasonic flow meter FLOMIC FL5024 and FL5044 with MID certification to countries such as: Philippines, Brazil, Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

Battery powered ultrasonic water meter FLOMIC in United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates has successfully finished upgrade from mechanical water meters into more accurate battery-powered ultrasonic water meters.

Totally 10 water meters are installed in Desalination plant producing drinking water from the seawater. One of them is equipped with GSM module FLODAT for data transfer to a web server from selected location.

Other deliveries of innovative electromagnetic flow meter FLONET FH10XX with HART protocol headed for example to Egypt or Venezuela strengthening the export activities in Africa and South America.

Electromagnetic flow meter FLONET FN20XX.1 headed to other interesting countries and ELIS PLZEN thus gained partners in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia and Peru.

As part of improving services to ELIS PLZEN customers the company managed exclusive agreements with European carriers to reduce transport costs to our partners.

What achievements in 2012 means for you? In places where ELIS PLZEN hasn’t got an exclusive representation you can expand your business with our competitive products. You can rely on technical support, training by our company experts or other promotional support within the partnership. Please don’t hesitate to contact ELIS PLZEN a become our distributor in your territory.

To the year 2013 ELIS PLZEN wish you good health, success and fulfillment of all goals.