The measurement of heat and cold

SN30X0 0913The summer is already going to leave us this year in Europe. Anyway it is ussually a season of beautiful holiday and also a season of tropical temperatures that people must face at their work, at home or at other places. The measurement of heat/cold is coming in the case of using of air-conditioning which could be used for temperature control in rooms and buildings.
ELIS PLZEN a. s. also produces meters that can measure the heat transmitted by water or steam. 

Heat meters in water SONOTHERM SN3030 measure and record the amount of heat in the heating water. The heat values are calculated by means of a calorimetric counter using the measured water flow rate and the difference in temperatures in the feeding and return water piping as input data. The meters could be used for pipe dimensions from DN32 to DN300. These meters are used for closed hot water systems with remote transmission of measurement data for communication M-Bus. 

Systems STEAMTHERM ST3000, ST4000 and ST5000 are gauges for measuring of the heat content in the steam-water systems. They are designed to measure the outputs from sources, entrances to the exchange stations, entrances to heated buildings or in all industrial processes using the steam energy. 

There is also a possibility to collect data from individual monitoring stations and transfer them to the central control room. The systems are supplied in configuration of universal calorimetric counter, flow meter for measurement of flow of steam (or condensate), sensors for measurement of temperature of steam (or condensate) and sensors for measurement of pressure of steam. 

Do you know that ELIS PLZEN a. s also manufactures equipment that can measure heat or cold contained in water up to dimension DN1000? The SONOTHERM SN3070 heat/cold meters are intended for measurements of absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to customer plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot-water heating/cooling systems. Large heat exchangers and air conditioners can rely on accurate measurement even for large-scale piping systems. 

Enjoy comfortable cooling in summer and heating in winter. You will get an overview of consumption with heat and cool meters of ELIS PLZEN a. s and you can gain a control and an ability to reduce the costs of this energy.