What is the Directive on Measuring Instruments (MID)?

European directive for controlled measuring instruments no. 2004/22/EC The MID is a new European directive on measuring instruments. The directive no. 2004/22/EC was adopted by the European Parliament and Council on March 31st, 2004. The directive takes precedence over national regulations in each member state of EU. 

It covers ten categories of measuring instruments (including water meters) and it is designed to harmonize the requirements for new measuring instruments placed on the market or put into use in Europe by eliminating the regulatory differences at national level which hinder trade. 

The directive is in accordance with recommendations of International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML www.oiml.org and the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology WELMEC www.welmec.org. The MID Certificates of conformity are valid throughout Europe. As a result, it will be easier to trade with controlled measuring instruments.