Induction flow meters FLONET FF10XX.1

induction flow meters FLONET FF10XX.1Induction flow meters of the type series FLONET FF10XX.1 are intended for professional flow-rate measurements of electrically conductive fluids in the food-processing and chemical industries. The meters meet most demanding requirements regarding measurement accuracy, long-term parameter stability and hygienic suitability. Flow-rate measurements in both directions are possible.

The flow sensor doesn´t have any effect on the fluid flow characteristic or pressure in the connecting piping is negligible. The associated electronic unit supplies power to the sensor unit and processes the flow-rate signals.

The meters also have a dosing-control function, performs internal diagnostics and make possible selection of physical units for the quantities displayed. The meters have frequency, pulse and current outputs, and can be connected to external electronic devices via the RS 232 or RS 485 communication lines.

Technical parameters:

usage   measurement of liquids in food industry
rated internal diameter   10 to 100mm, or 1/2" to 2 1/2" (Clamp)
rated pressure PN   10
min. conductivity of measured fluid   20μS/cm, on special requirement 5μS/cm
max. temperature of measured fluid   +150°C
electrode material   Hastelloy-C4 on special requirement platinum, tantalum or titanum
sensor lining   PTFE
connections   Clamp (ITE Intertechnik DIN 32676), Tri Clamp (Tri Clover) screw fittings for food-processing applications (DIN 11851)
design version   compact or remote
measurement accuracy   ±0.5% for flow rates 5 to 100% qs
measurement range   0.1 to 10m/sec
signal and communication outputs   (0) 4 to 20mA ~ (0 to qs)
frequency output 0 to 1.000Hz ~ (0 to qs )
pulse output 0.1 to 1.00l/imp ~ (0 to qs )
communication interfaces RS 232 and RS 485
power source   24 / 115 / 230V AC +10 - 15%, 50 to 60Hz, 24V DC +10 - 15%
ambient temperature   -5°C to +55°C
protection class   IP67 / IP68 (sensor in remote verion)


Catalogue sheets
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