The FLONET FN20XX.1 induction flow meter

Induction flow meters FLONET FN20XX.1The FLONET FN20XX.1 induction flow meters of the FLONET FN20XX.1 series are intended for the professional application and measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids in water and heat-supply systems in the food-processing and chemical industries. They meet the most demanding requirements for high accuracy measurement, long-term stability and hygienic standards.

The converter provides the sensor with energy and allows for the processing of sensor signals, and also offers liquid batching control, empty piping detection, internal meter status diagnostics, automatic counter cleaning and selection of flow unit functions via data visualization. The flow meters have frequency, pulse and current outputs, as well as interfaces to the RS 232 and RS 485 communication lines.

Technical parameters

usage measuring conductive liquids
type compact and remote version
lining soft or hard rubber, PTFE
dimension range DN6 to DN1200
measurement accuracy ±0.2% for 10% to 100% qs
±0.5% for 5% to 100% qs
measured fluid temperature to 150°C
nominal pressure from 0.6 to 4 MPa
conductivity of measured liquid from 5µS/cm
electrical outputs standard
communication RS 485 line
special equipment - batching control
- empty pipe detection
- automatic counter cleaning
- internal diagnostic
sensor lenght ISO 13359
protection class IP67 / IP68 (sensor in remote version)
power source 24 / 115 / 230V ± 10%,
50 to 60Hz (AC),
24V ± 10% (DC)


Catalogue sheets
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