TOKYO KEIKI Radar Level Sensors

The company ELIS PLZEN a. s. has the priority sales rights to level sensors made by the Japanese company TOKYO KEIKI INC. in specific countries in Europe under a certificate of distributorship. The measuring principle is based on Time Flight impulse Radar technology that uses very short pulses. The travel time for the radar pulse is proportional to the distance between the gauge and the surface. The radar pulse is virtually unaffected by the tank content and atmosphere, temperature or pressure as well as density, pressure and temperature of the measured fluid. Thus, radar measurement has proven to be the most reliable gauging method in most applications.

The main advantages:

  • Non-contact measuring
  • Non-mechanical moving parts
  • Density, Pressure and Temperature independent
  • High reliability, Easy maintenance
  • Reliable gauging method in most applications
  • Ex. Approval (MRG-10)

The Tokyo Keiki MRF-10 flat radar level sensor

The MRF-10 is a loop-powered radar level gauge, which can be installed easily in a variety of applications. The MRF-10 employs anon-contact radar level gauging principle based on pulsed microwave signals and is suitable for level measurement in applications such as liquids, pastes and slurries. The MRF-10 uses a 5.8GHz low power pulsed microwave. It provides good measurement stability, because propagation of microwaves is less affected by change of temperature,pressure or gas conditions in tank. Measuring principle The MRF-10 level…

The Tokyo Keiki MRG-10 microwave level gauge

The advanced performance MRG-10_1_R2 microwave-level-gauge The measuring principle is based on Time Flight impulse Radar technology that uses very short pulses. Non contact measuring Non mechanical moving parts High reliability, Easy maintenance High sensitivity Density, Pressure and Temperature independent Loop Power System (2-wire) 4-20mA output and HART output integrated Wide antenna range Interactive Windows-based setup software Built-in display/ keyboard Measuring principle The MRG-10 measures liquid levels by transmitting low energy radar pulses towards the liquid surface and receiving the radar…