The Tokyo Keiki MRF-10 flat radar level sensor

MRF-10_DSC7801_R1_tnThe MRF-10 is a loop-powered radar level gauge, which can be installed easily in a variety of applications. The MRF-10 employs anon-contact radar level gauging principle based on pulsed microwave signals and is suitable for level measurement in applications such as liquids, pastes and slurries.

The MRF-10 uses a 5.8GHz low power pulsed microwave. It provides good measurement stability, because propagation of microwaves is less affected by change of temperature,pressure or gas conditions in tank.

Measuring principle

The MRF-10 level gauge utilizes the time-of-flight measurement principle involving short microwave pulses. Installed at the top of tanks or channels, it emits short microwave pulses toward liquids or pastes.

Reflected microwave signals from the surface are received by the antenna, and processed by electronics. The time from transmission to reception is determined by the microprocessor and converted as distance from the transmitter to the liquid surface (ullage) with output of the calculated level from the measured ullage (Level = Tank Height – Ullage).


1. General

Measuring principle Microwave Pulse Echo
Operating frequency 5.8 GHz
Half power beam angle Lengthwise: 50deg.
Crosswise: 23deg.
Transmitting power less than 35 micro V/m at 3m
Measuring range Max. 10m (33')
Serial communication HART communication

2. Power

Supply voltage 16..36 VDC(Non-Ex)
Specification for HART
  • Ripple: 47..125 Hz
  • Vpp=200 mV (measured at 500 ohms)
  • Max. noise: 500 Hz..10 kHz
  • Vrms=2.2 mV (at 500 ohms)

3. Output Variable

Variable Ullage / Level / Volume / Current /
Signal amplitude/Volume Max
Unit Level, Ullage : m/ft
Volume : % Current : mA
Amplitude : dB
Signal type Analog 4..20mA, HART
Resolution Analog: 4microA
Digital: 1mm (0,04')
Update time 1 s
Averaging time 1..120 s
Signal on alarm Hold/Low(3,9mA)/High(22mA)

4. Accuracy

Measured error *) ±5 mm (0.2”) (0.1m up to 5m)
±10 mm (0.4”) (5m up to 10m)
Linearity *) less than ±10 mm (0.4”)
Repeatability *) ±1 mm (0.04”)
Ambient temperature effect ±0.01% / 10 K
*): Free-space reflection from flat metal surface, ambient temperature 25 °C (77 °F), atmospheric pressure

5. Environment resistance

Ambient temperature -20 ℃ to 70 ℃ (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature -40 ℃ to 80 ℃ (-40°F to 176°F)
Degree of protection IP68 (under water 10m / 24hours)
Vibration resistance IEC 68-2-6/1G
Harmonized standard (Immunity) EN 61000-4-4
EN 61000-4-6
Lightening Arrester IEC 61000-4-5 (Level 4)
(Common mode 4kV / Normal mode 2kV)

6. Construction

Connecting cable type Shielded twisted 3-cores
Cross-section area of cable: 0.2..2.5 mm2, (AWG24..14)
Connection Cable Length 10m
Transmitter Case Stainless steel Di-cast SCS-14
Antenna face panel FRP resyn
Mass 2.7kg (except attached cable)



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