The Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 portable ultrasonic flow meter

Main features

The UFP-20 portable ultrasonic flow meter

portable-ultrasonic-flowmeter-UFP-20The time it takes to propagate ultrasonic pulses in a liquid varies according to flow velocity. This principle is utilized by ultrasonic flow meters, which provide signal output proportional to the flow rate. The UFP-20 portable flow meter can measure flow by simply positioning the transducers on the outside of pipes.

The UFP-20 flow meter supersedes our UFP-10 or UFP-1000 models and offers a more compact design with additional functions such as pipe thickness measurement and liquid ultrasonic velocity measurement. The UFP-20 is a simple, easy to use, high performance flow meter.

The UFP-20 incorporates an onboard DSP, which carries out such functions as flow calculation and data processing in metric or inch units. The UFP-20 can be applied to pipe diameters from 13 ~ 5000 mm and is ideal for use with liquids such as clean water and wastewater.

Three power sources (Ni-MH battery, AC, DC supply) allow flexibility to match site conditions and optional equipment such as optional transducers, extension cables and temperature input for heat meter functions enhance the range of applications.

Technical parameters

Overall specifications

Applicable fluid Homogeneous and sonically conductive fluids
Measurement range Converted to flow velocity: -30 m/s to +30 m/s
Pipe diameter DN13mm ~ DN5000mm
Pipe material Materials which allow for the stable transit of ultrasonic waves such as steel, SUS, castings, ductile casting, PVC, FRPM, etc. 
Turbidity 10000 mg/L or less
Pipe lining None, tar epoxy, mortar, etc
Flow condition Fully developed and rotationally symmetrical flow profile required.

Transducer for diameters

Small transducer DN 13 ~ 50mm; -20 ~120 ℃
Medium transducer DN 65 ~ 500mm; -20 ~120 ℃
Large transducer DN 300 ~ 5000mm; -20 ~ 80 ℃

Measurement accuracy of reading

DN 13mm ~ 90mm ±2.0 % (Velocity ≧ 1m/s)
±0.02 m/s (Velocity < 1m/s)
DN 100mm ~ 250mm ±1.5 % (Velocity ≧ 1m/s)
±0.015 m/s (Velocity < 1m/s)


DN 300mm ~ 5000mm ±1.0 % (Velocity ≧ 1m/s)
±0.01 m/s (Velocity < 1m/s)

Main unit overview

Power supply DC 10 ~ 30 V
(AC adaptor applicable on AC 90 ~ 264 V 47 ~ 63 Hz)
Internal battery 8 hours as Max. / Rapid charging 4 hours
Operating temperature -10 ~ +50℃ (for Main unit)
Storage temperature -10 ~ +50℃
Operating humidity 20 ~ 90 %RH (non-condensation)
Main unit construction Protection Degree IP65 (IEC 60529) / NEMA3

Display and Outputs

Display type LCD 320 x 240 Dot Matrix
Content Instantaneous flow rate, warnings, check mode and totalizing status.
Instantaneous flow velocity value, warnings check mode and
totalizing status.
Forward/Backward flow totalized value, warnings, check mode and
totalizing status
Units programmable (metrics/non-metrics)
Logging function Appx. 160 000 entries, CSV output
Analog output 1 port, 4 - 20mA, programmable
Temperature inputs 4pcs of Pt100



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