The FLOMIC FL3085 ultrasonic flow meter for large dimensions

Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL3085 for big dimensionsThe FLOMIC FL3085 ultrasonic flow meter is intended to measure and store instantaneous flow rate data and the total volume of liquid passed through the metering point in fully-flooded piping of large sizes. The only requirement of the measured fluid is that it allows for the undisturbed propagation of ultrasonic waves.

High accuracy measurement is achieved thanks to the calibration of the flow meter performed on a test rig. The FLOMIC FL3085 flow meter does not require an external power source. It is equipped with an internal battery and can be installed anywhere without available external power. The guaranteed battery life is 4 years.

Apart from the measurement and visualization of data on the instantaneous flow rate and aggregate volume of the fluid passed through the meter, the electronic accessories of the meter make it possible to store the data measured at regular intervals in its own data log and to communicate data via standard electrical outputs to a master control system.

Technical parameters:

usage   measuring the total volume of water passed and instantaneous flow rate
measurement principle   transit-time
type   one beam (1B)
dimension range   DN200 to DN1200
measurement accuracy   ±2% using theoretical calibration
±1% using test rig calibration
flow sampling period   1sec
measured fluid temperature   up to 150°C
pressure   standard PN10
electrical outputs   pulse and current
protection   IP54 / IP68 - sensor
IP65 electronics
power source   Li-battery 3.6 V, 16 Ah,
2x Alcaline 9V battery
live time 4 years


Catalogue sheets

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