The FLOMIC FL5054 ultrasonic water meter

The FLOMIC FL5054 ultrasonic water meter solution for detecting water leaksultrasonic flow meter FLOMIC FL5054: Solution for water leaks detection

The battery-powered FLOMIC FL5054 ultrasonic flow meter is intended to measure instantaneous flow rate, pressure and consumption in water piping observing the EN 14154 standard in water works, water distribution systems and other industrial applications.

The features of FLOMIC flow meters make them suitable for water leak detection and tracking and monitoring the general condition of water supply networks.

Design of the FL 50X4 ultrasonic flow meter 

These flow meters are of a compact design in the IP 68 protection class. They are characterized by high accuracy measurement and long-term stability over a wide range of measured values. The meters do not need any external power supply, do not include any moving parts and have significantly lower hydraulic losses.

These meters use a dual-beam transit-time pulse measurement method based on evaluating the time needed for an ultrasonic signal to cross the distance between two measuring transductors. In the standard version, the meter measures instantaneous flow rate (in m3/hour) and the total volume of water passed through the meter (in m3) in the given flow direction.

The data measured are converted into passive pulse output signals. The meter output signals can be connected via data transfer systems to remote computer control stations. The flow meter electronics also include data storage with various connection possibilities (GSM module, RS232, optical data probe). This feature can be useful for measuring distant points without electricity.

FLOMIC FL 50X4 flow meters can effectively save customers money everywhere water needs to be measured and it is impossible or too expensive to connect to the power grid.


Technical parameters

usage measuring the total volume of water passed, instantaneous flow rate and pressure
measurement principle transit-time
type - dual beam (2B)
- compact or remote version
dimension range DN32 to DN300
measured fluid temperature to 130°C
pressure up to 4.0 MPa
flow sampling period 1 sec
electrical outputs pulse and current
interface optical probe, RS 232, GSM module
data storage data archive
power source Li battery 3.6V, 16Ah, lifetime 8 years
protection class IP68


Catalogue sheets
icon FLOMIC FL 5034 and FLOMIC FL 5054_ENG_K (186.22 kB)
icon FLOMIC FL50X4 (1.54 MB)