The SONOELIS SE4025 ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meters SONOELIS SE402XThe SONOELIS SE402X and SONOELIS SE4025 dual beam ultrasonic flow meters are intended for flow-rate measurements of conductive, non-conductive and aggressive liquids. Ultrasonic flow meters operate on the principle of measuring the difference in transit times of ultrasonic waves travelling in and against the fluid flow.

Ultrasonic flow meters offer excellent user value in their high accuracy measurement over a wide range of measured values, long-term stability, negligible hydraulic losses and the ability to measure the flow rate of virtually any liquid medium.

The electronic control unit of the meter can be configured in the COMFORT mode, according to customer requirements.

Technical parameters:

usage measuring conductive or non-conductive and aggressive liquids
number of beams dual beam (2B)
dimension range DN200 to DN1200
measurement accuracy ±0.5% for v > 0,5m/s
measured fluid temperature 0°C to 180°C
nominal pressure PN 6, 10, 16, 25
electrical outputs pulse, frequency, current
communication RS 485 line
protection class IP65 - electronic
IP54 / IP68 - sensor
power source 230V AC ±10%


Catalogue sheets

icon SONOELIS SE 401X and SONOELIS SE 402X_ENG_K (1.17 MB)
icon SONOELIS SE 4015 and SONOELIS SE 4025_ENG_M (1.29 MB)