The SONOELIS SE804X ultrasonic flow mater for direct internal installation in a piping assembly

Ultrasonic flow meters SONOELIS SE804X for direct assembly in the pipingThe SONOELIS SE 804X single beam ultrasonic flow meter comes with ultrasonic probes fitted directly in the piping. The probes measure the instantaneous flow rate and total volume of liquid passed through the sensor in large-size, fully-flooded pipes.

The measurement principle makes it possible to measure all types of liquid media in which the propagation of ultrasonic signals are reasonably well provided for, including electrically non-conductive and corrosive liquids.

To ensure high accuracy measurement, theoretical calibration is performed after the meter is installed in the piping.

The meter’s electronic unit can be configured in either the ECONOMIC, STANDARD or COMFORT modes, according to the customer’s requirements.

Technical parameters:

usage measuring conductive or non-conductive and aggressive liquids
type direct in piping assembly
number of beams one beam (1B)
dimension range DN200 to DN1200
measurement accuracy ±2.0% for v > 0.5m/s
measured fluid temperature 0°C to 180°C
nominal pressure PN 16, 40
electrical outputs pulse, frequency, current
communication RS 485 line
power source 90 - 260V AC 


Catalogue sheets
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