Ultrasonic level meters LEVELIS LU-55

levelis_novyThe LEVELIS LU-55 ultrasonic level meter is used to continuously monitor the level height of liquid media, sludge or suspensions in both open and closed tanks and channels. The level gauges of the LU-55 series require two-wire connections to the associated electronic devices. The gauge generates the level-height information in the form of a signal current 4 to 20mA. The lower and upper limits of the measurement range can be set by potentiometers in the electronic unit of the gauge.

LEVELIS LU-55 level meters: the main features

  • 4 design options:
    • LU-55N - 20 ... measurement range up to 20m
    • LU-55N - 10 ... measurement range up to 10m
    • LU-55N - 06 ... measurement range up to 6m
    • LU-55N - 02 ... measurement range up to 2m
  • protection against incorrect polarity of supply voltage
  • high measurement resolution
  • connector DIN 43650

Technical parameters

Type LEVELIS LU-55N-20 LU-55N-10 LU-55N-06 LU-55N-02
measurement range 0.5m to 20m 0.5m to 10m 0.25m to 6m 0.25m to 2m
measuring period 5.0 sec 1.8 sec 1.4 sec 0.6 sec
wave radiation angle 12° 10° 14° 10°
power source 12 to 30V DC
output 4 to 20mA
accuracy 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.3%
temperature error 0.04%/K
resolution <1mm
ambient temperature -30°C to +60°C -30°C to +70°C
protection class IP67
weight 2.80 kg 0.65 kg 0.25 kg 0.20 kg
gauge housing material PVDF



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