Water heat-content measurement

SONOTHERM meters measure the absolute values of heat transferred by flowing water. They are typically used as commercial meters for closed-loop heat-supply water systems. SONOTHERM meters measure and store data on heat contained in water where the heat values are calculated by means of a calorimetric counter using the measured water flow rate and the difference in temperatures in the feeding and return water piping as input data. The SONOTHERM heat meter consists of an ultrasonic flow meter, coupled resistance temperature sensors and a control electronic unit.

Main advantages:

  • Heat meters can be used as commercial meters
  • Long term stability of measurement in a wide range of measured values
  • High reliability, minimum maintenance requirements 
  • Low hydraulic loses of flow meters compared to mechanical water meters
  • Easy service and easy to read displayed dates
  • Storage dates

The SONOTHERM SN3030 water heat-content meter

The SONOTHERM SN3030 meter measures the absolute heat values transferred by means of water. It is intended for closed-loop heat-supply water systems as a commercial meter at the input points to the heated premises, at the outputs from heat plants and at heat exchanger stations. The meters are manufactured in optional sizes suitable for pipe diameters from DN32 to DN300. The SONOTHERM SN3030 system comprises an ultrasonic flow meter sensor, resistance temperature sensors and an electronic control electronic. Technical parameters:…

THE SONOTHERM SN3070 ultrasonic heat/cold water meter

SONOTHERM SN3070 heat/cold meters are intended for measurements of absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to customer plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot water heating/cooling systems. When used as commercial meters, they can be located either at the input hot-water piping to heated buildings or premises, or at the output of heat sources before a heat exchanger. The SONOTHERM heat/cold meter measures and stores information on heat quantity calculated from the water temperatures measured at the input and output piping by…