THE SONOTHERM SN3070 ultrasonic heat/cold water meter


SONOTHERM SN3070 heat/cold meters are intended for measurements of absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to customer plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot water heating/cooling systems. When used as commercial meters, they can be located either at the input hot-water piping to heated buildings or premises, or at the output of heat sources before a heat exchanger.

The SONOTHERM heat/cold meter measures and stores information on heat quantity calculated from the water temperatures measured at the input and output piping by means of coupled resistance temperature sensors Pt 100 (Pt 500) and the heating/cooling water flow-rate measured by an ultrasonic flow meter.

The heat/cold meters of the SONOTHERM SN3070 series are supplied in the following configuration:

  • electronic unit MTU2.00
  • coupled resistance temperature sensors Pt 100 (Pt 500)
  • ultrasonic sensor UC7.0

Technical parameters

temperature range 0 to 150°C (32° to 302°F)
min. temperature difference 2°C (35.6°F)
nominal diameter / size DN200 to DN1000 / 8" to 40"
flow-rate range 0.05 to 23,000m3/h (0.22014 to 101266 Gal/min)
flow meter fitting position input or output piping
accuracy class 5
display unit LCD, 7+ 2 characters
communication M-Bus, IR optocoupler
power supply 230V ±10%, 50Hz, 6VA
protection class, UC 7.0 IP54
protection class, electronic unit IP65
optional accessories M-Bus communication
pulse output (energy or volume)
or pulse input (scaler) or alarm
back lighted display
protection class of sensor IP68


icon SONOTHERM SN3070 ENG K (210.18 kB)
icon SONOTHERM SN3070 ENG M (570.4 kB)